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About Us

Family owned & operated since 1931

W.E. Griffin Roofing has been a family owned and operated roofing business since 1931.

Founded by William E. Griffin Sr. W.E. Griffin Roofing got its start installing many of the original residential slate roofs in Chevy Chase, MD.

We are proud to be roofing tradesmen and craftsmen and continue to use the same proven techniques and methods that originally made us successful 80 years ago.

Our quality roofing services focus on providing our customers with high quality, long term roofing and gutter solutions. This focus is proven by the many customers whose families have been with of us for generations.


What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“The two-person crew was very efficient and proficient in moving from task to task — slate replacement, woodwork, and gutter replacement.”

A Customer in Bethesda, MD

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